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apple card


The Apple Card was launched in 2019 and completely integrates with other products in the Apple Ecosystem.


Apple revolutionized technology and now they are doing the same with personal finance. The Apple card is fully transparent and streamline with no fees, low interest, unlimited daily cashback, and contactless payment via iPhone. The Apple Card is backed by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. 

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main role 



Personal Finance

project timeline

7 days
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the challenge

Apple is seen as a trusted and innovative tech company, but not yet seen as that when it comes to the world of credit cards. When people think of credit card options, Apple does not come to mind. Our task was to increase awareness and cardholders for Apple Card. 

the audience

By conducting a questionnaire and six in-depth interviews, we found that the majority of our participants got their first credit card while in college. Through our research, we also found that our audience is based in major cities where Apple Card is significantly more accepted as payment than it is in rural areas. Another characteristic of our audience is they are Apple Loyalists. 

They were welcomed by Apple when they had their first iPod and have been loyal since. They love Apple because it's what they know from the integrated ecosystem of the products to each intuitive feature to the brand's unique philosophy. 

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the insight

Too many credit card choices results in confusion which causes our audience to feel like they don’t belong in the world of finance. 

the strategy

Show Apple users that by already being in the Apple ecosystem that this is where they belong, even in finance.


the big idea

Welcome to the team, Apple Card


out of home




Learning sessions are one of the experiences offered by Apple for their consumers to pick up the skills and tips to maximize their product's capabilities. Apple Card has a multitude of intuitive and unique features, so an Apple Card session hosted at Apple Stores would be fitting to welcome our audience to the world of finance.  

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Team: Blair Baker, Caroline Chase (AD), Chris Bishop (CW)
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