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SPK x Stranger Things

Task: Launch the Sour Patch Kids X Stranger Things Partnership

Background: Stranger Things X Sour Patch Kids is a partnership that will give fans and their tastebuds and jolt of excitement with a special pack, but SPK isn't the only brand to collaborate with the series. Like every Stranger Things season, we know there have been and will be other the masses. 

Challenge: How can Sour Patch Kids maximize the partnership to stand out from the ones that only borrow Stranger Things equity? 

Opportunity: Prove to our fans that the worlds of Stranger Things and Sour Patch Kids are inextricably linked 

Audience: SPK-loving Gen Zers who've been starved of Stranger Things longer than ever before and feel desperate to engage with anything that hints at what is to come in Season 4. 

Insight: When there's an unsolved mystery, we can't shake the urge to run with our own theories.

One Line Brief: Open the Rift into the Sour and Sweet Upside Down




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the idea
A taste of the upside down


Stranger Things is full of mysteries that get fans raging with theories, like " what the heck is that dust in the Upside Down?". Lucky for fans, Sour Patch Kids has some theories of our own... It's SOUR DUST.

We hijacked the similar looks of SPK dust and the spores in the Upside Down by starting the theory that we use the dust that floats around the Upside Down in our exclusive Stranger Things x Sour Patch Kids packs.

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Global CSO: Paula Vampre Senior Strategist: Vanessa Amaral
CCO: Rafael Donato Art Director: Seiji Wakabayashi Copywriter: Thomas Nitti
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